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Live and Work in Canada

Where should I live?

Canada has thousands of cities and towns.

Finding the right place to live and work may take time. Housing costs vary greatly across Canada and depend on location (city, town or rural area) and type of home (for example, apartment or house). Where you choose to live will impact your occupational prospects, job opportunities and Definition ofsalary.

For more information, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada's page on Where do Newcomers Settle?

Most newcomers settle in larger cities. According to Statistics Canada, the Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Definition ofcensus metropolitan areas (CMAs) were home to 75% of recent immigrants in 2008.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation publication Settling in Canada includes profiles and comparisons of 11 medium-size Canadian cities.

How much should I spend on housing?

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), your monthly housing costs should not be more than 30 percent of your Definition ofmonthly gross household income.






Job postings

Job postings can be found in many places: on the Internet, on community bulletin boards, at job fairs or in newspaper help wanted sections.

  • A job fair is an event where businesses promote themselves and sometimes accept Definition of résumés for job openings.

You can also contact Definition of employers directly to ask if they are hiring.

IMPORTANT: You need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada.


Job Bank is Canada's one-stop job listing website. Job Bank is the largest online listing of bilingual job opportunities and one of the most popular job search websites in Canada.

The site also offers a résumé builder tool.

  • Over one million new jobs are posted on Job Bank every year.
  • Up to 100,000 job postings can be accessed at any one time.
  • Up to 3,000 new jobs are posted every day.

Service Canada also provides job search tools and resources to help you find a job, create a résumé, choose a career, assess your skills and more.

The hidden job market

Due to the time and cost of advertising a job (e.g. posting newspaper want ads, creating online job postings, etc.), many job vacancies are filled informally. This creates what seems like a Definition of"hidden" job market. Information about available work is often circulated through managers, Definition ofemployees and business associates, as well as through family, friends and acquaintances.

Networking is the way to search for jobs in the hidden job market.

For more information about the hidden job market and using your network, the Youth Canadawebsite has great content useful for everyone!



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